Geetha Madhuri Or Tanish For Bigg Boss 2 Winner Title?

22 Aug, 2018 10:57 IST|Sakshi
Geetha, Tanish

Telugu Bigg Boss 2 has become more popular because of Kaushal rather than host Nani. Kaushal has been grabbing even national media headlines for all the good reasons. Recently, Kaushal army contributed their share to Kerala food relief which made news. On the other hand our Telugu actors too did their bit. Read this to find out who contributed how much.

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As expected Kaushal's name has been reportedly finalised for this week's nomination along with Tanish.

Kaushal army and viewers clearly saw that Nani always targets Kaushal. Nani is putting all his efforts to eliminate Kaushal from the show. Reports suggest either it could be Nani's decision to see that Tanish becomes the winner or is it that the channel doesn't want Kaushal to emerge as the winner of Bigg Boss 2?

We are not sure why Nani or the show organisers are targeting Kaushal despite the fact that he's bringing good TRPs for the show. Kaushal has now become a household name and as we know, the show is already a huge success. Why he is so popular on social media networks? If you are late to this story or you already knew about it, well please stand informed that Kaushal is one of the most popular contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 2. He is known to use a balanced approach in dealing with people and tackling situations. He plays a fair game and stays away from hurting contestants. Kaushal is a household name on Telugu television. We are sure Kaushal himself would be shocked to know about his fan following after he is through with the show.

We would like to say that Kaushal is not only receiving love and appreciation from audiences. Tollywood stars too are showering praises on him for his performance in the show. One of them, actress Maadhavi has came forward to support him and written a long letter on her Instagram. Check it out:

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Going by her note, Bigg Boss host Nani is all set to announce Rs 50 lakhs to the winner of the show. They already have two names—while one is Geetha Madhuri, the other is Tanish. Madhavi clearly stated that the show organizers didn't want to give Rs 50 lakh to Kaushal because of which they are continuously targeting him, though that may be a bit far-fetched.

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However, the buzz is that Kaushal will emerge as the winner of Season-2. Because of Kaushal’s performance, the show has reached wider audiences. Are the show organizers discriminating against Tanish, Geetha and Kaushal? Tanish and Nani were seen in the film Ride and they share a great bond. Geetha Madhuri has participated in a show called Super Singer. Is this why they are showing favoritism to them? We will soon know.

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Nani just announced that he was pitting Tanisha’s top contestant for Bigg Boss title
Does it mean Nani just gave away the winner’s name? Did the Bigg Boss 2 host Nani accidentally reveal Bigg Boss 2 winner's name? Let's wait and watch.

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