This Female Contestant Will Face Eviction From Bigg Boss House

17 Aug, 2018 14:22 IST|Sakshi

This biggest and most controversial TV reality show is all set to wrap up. It is a known fact that Telugu Bigg Boss 2 contestants have been enthralling the audiences. Finally, we are nearing a weekend where one of the contestants must face elimination. This week, the nomination process for elimination was totally different from previous episodes. for the uninitiated, Bigg Boss 2 elimination nomination was finalized by Amit and Tanish based on the contestants' answer to why they want to be on the show. Check out the list this week-Pooja Ramachandran, Geetha Madhuri, Roll Rida, Deepthi Sunaina, Nutan Naidu and Syamala.

According to reliable sources, Roll Rida and Deepthi Sunaina are in danger zone with fewer votes. One of the pictures of missed calls poster has gone viral on social media platforms hinting at Deepthi Sunaina facing elimination this week. It's too early talk to about Deepthi Sunaina and her elimination. On various social media platforms, Deepthi Sunaina's name has been confirmed as the next contestant to pack bags and walk out of the show.Check out this poster.

Deepthi Sunaina's journey in Bigg Boss doing the rounds as a meme is being shared by audiences. Deepthi Sunaina uses Vulgar language on the show. She can't survive without Tanish on the show. She doesn't have any respect toward elders. She will never participate in the house for the fear of facing elimination or land into clashes with other contestants. These form gist of the poster. Check out the meme poster and let us know your thoughts on this poster.

Now, here's a question for you? Do you think Deepthi Sunaina must get eliminated this week? If yes, then leave your reasons in the comments section below.

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