Chiranjeevi’s Brother Naga Babu Slams Kathi Mahesh 

4 Jul, 2018 18:08 IST|Sakshi
Chiranjeevi’s brother, Naga Babu demanded that Kathi Mahesh be taken into custody

Hyderabad: Kathi Mahesh often has a way of finding himself at the centre of a raging controversy. He has now it appears, stoked one with his comments on the Hindu scriptural epic The Ramayana, triggering a sharp response from many quarters.

The latest to respond to his controversial remarks was mega star, Chiranjeevi's brother, Naga Babu who demanded that Kathi Mahesh be taken into custody. Naga Babu said that no one should hurt the religious sentiments of others. "Ramayana is more than just a book for Hindus. It encapsulates their culture and traditions and is worshipped by the Hindu community. The Ramayana and Mahabharata are equal to Bible and Quran," he added.

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"Those who are trying to undermine Hindu religion in the name of atheism will be punished. Hindu Religion and Hindu gods and goddesses are being attacked in a planned way." He also said that such religious discussions should not be encouraged. Both the Telugu states should file a case against Kathi Mahesh for hurting Hindus' beliefs and feelings. If they don't do it, they will be making a historical mistake," Nagababu said.

Senior Congress leader Jana Reddy reacted to Kathi Mahesh controversy. He demanded the government to take immediate action on the people who disintegrate the society. Interacting with media today, he said "The words of Kathi Mahesh are enraging religious sentiments of the people. Journalists should take judicious decision about such news and should ignore it."

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