Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 17 Highlights

27 Jun, 2018 10:56 IST|Sakshi
In the luxury budget task, the 15 contestants were divided into two groups yellow and green

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 17 Highlights: The day 17 of Bigg Boss 2 began with a luxury budget task where the 15 contestants were divided into two groups yellow and green. Kireeti Damaraju was made as the captain of green team while Kaushal was chosen to lead the yellow team. Meanwhile, Bhanu Sri was appointed the check manager and was entrusted with the responsibility of declaring the winners.

In the luxury budget task, contestants were asked to squeeze out sugar cane juice and fill it into bottles. And the team which extracts more juice will emerge winners, they were told. The two teams were given sugarcane juice vending machines and asked to perform the task.

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Kireeti, Geeta Maduri, Samrat, Tanish, Shyamala and Ganesh who were in the green team added water into juice to win the task. But they were caught cheating by manager Bhanu Sri. Later, Bigg Boss declared the yellow team as winners of the two rounds of the task.

On the other hand, Tejaswi, Samrat, Deepti Sunaina and Tanish were involved in serious discussions while completely ignoring the game on the show. Later, Tejaswi was seen crying when Samrat pointed at her and said, "Not everyone behaves like you." However, Tanish consoled Tejaswi.

Meanwhile, the romance between Samrat and Tejaswi has kept the audience engaged. Samrat and Tejaswi are seen spending time together chatting up while ignoring other contestants on the show.

Watch this space to know what happened in Episode 18 of Bigg Boss Telugu season 2.

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