Women, Keep Track Of Your Health 

5 Dec, 2018 14:28 IST|Sakshi
Women, Keep Track Of Your Health

The lives of women have become very fast paced these days as they have to support and balance the work and life, which is not easy.

From doing the household chores to carrying out tasks at office, up keeping with their social life too and not only this, these women have to look after their kids and the family too.

While pulling off these tasks efficiently and effectively, they tend to compromise and forsake their health which is often tolling for their well being.

Therefore, we have rolled out some points for today’s active and meticulous women for them to keep a track on their health:

1. Be Attentive to the Indications that your Body Gives:

Our body often gives a lot of signals before it is attacked by any disease, ailment or sickness. It is very important that we identify these indications and start acting upon them. Cautionary signs like deviations in your menstrual cycle, abnormal bleeding, bloating, weakness and fatigue are indications that one should never ignore.

These indicators lead them some common women centric problems like endometriosis, ovarian lumps, uterine fibroids or even breast cancer.

2. Be prudent to what you Eat and Consume:

It is very essential for all the women to keep a check on what she is eating on every day basis. Women must inculcate more of green vegetables and multi coloured fruits as they shall prevent them from various health problems.

Along with this, they should avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco as these shall contribute to factors like block arteries and heart diseases. All women with such habits must give up on them as they can affect their reproductive health as well.

3. Exercise is the Key:

Keeping your body active with regular workouts helps in maintaining the body mass index, excess weight and helps you get rid of problems like obesity and collection of extra fat in the ovaries. Going for a brisk walk for about 30 minutes every day can help you get rid of several problems.

Along with this, women should also do yoga as it shall help in getting rid from nerve-racking life.

4. Mental Health, too is Important

As important as physical health, mental health must also be taken care off. Women also get bored and jaded of managing their work and house therefore, it also important for them to relax and calm their minds.

Go for some holidays and give yourself a break from your monotonous life. Reading is also a therapy for some so, take out time for your books and magazines too.

5. Practice a Healthy Sex Life

For many women, a healthy sex life is also very relaxing and de-stressing. Along with this, it is very necessary for the women to perform sex with necessary protection or condoms to prevent threats like Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Also, women ensure that they clean their genitals after having sex as this shall safeguard her from vaginal infections.

In conversation with Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert, International Fertility Centre

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