Earth Imaging Satellites Launched Into Space From California

3 Nov, 2017 14:25 IST|Sakshi
Commercial Earth-imaging satellites

Ten commercial Earth-imaging satellites have been launched into space from California. An Orbital ATK Minotaur C rocket blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base at 2:37 PM on 31st October.

The deployment was to occur about 12 minutes later during a communications blackout period. Confirmation of deployment was expected about an hour and a half after launch, according to the Orbital ATK webcast.

The six Sky Sat satellites and four miniature Dove satellites - each about the size of a loaf of bread - were bound for orbits 310 miles (500 kilometres) above the Earth to join dozens of other satellites that provide streams of data to San Francisco-based Planet Labs Inc.

The satellites are designed to gather medium- and high-resolution multispectral images of Earth for businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations.


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