DL fires salvo against CM Kiran

5 Jun, 2013 18:24 IST|Sakshi
DL fires salvo against CM Kiran

Former Health Minister D L Ravindra Reddy, who was dropped from the cabinet while he was on a tour of the UK, fired at the CM saying, the schemes launched by him with a big fanfare spending crores of money , are full of loopholes.  

He made fun of Kiran‘s penchant to put on makeup and sit for a photo session. Wide publicity is given for the schemes which appear grandiose on paper, but poor in implementation.

DL Ravindra Reddy reached Hyderabad on Monday night. He met the Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Raja Narasimha, on Tuesday and then proceeded to the office of the Congress Legislative Party (CLP). He addressed the media outside the CLP office and described in detail how the schemes launched by the CM are a total failure. Besides none of the schemes were new, he said Kiran Kumar Reddy hijacked the schemes introduced by Y S Rajasekhar Reddy and given them new names.  The budget allocated to the schemes was spent mostly on publicity and not on grounding them, he lamented. 

DL picked holes in each of the schemes launched by Kiran Government showing full length poster in the newspapers about them.  Amma Hastham scheme is not implemented in his constituency and Indiramma kalalu are nowhere to be seen. Rajanarasimha, who had worked hard to bring SC, ST Sub-plan into legislation, but the chief minister ignored him and took the entire credit for himself.

CM Kiran Kumar Reddy’s Bangaruthalli scheme was nothing but Lakhpathi scheme launched by YSR in the past. In those days he suggested some changes in the scheme which were accepted graciously by YSR who released Rs 25 crores to the LIC and handed over the Bonds to the beneficiaries. After the death of YSR the scheme was given up and now about 3.8 lakhs of mothers were waiting to receive the bonds. If the aspirations of all these people were not met it will bring bad name to Sonia Gandhi and the Congress party.

 DL remarked satirically that the CM will go down in history as the only one who gave his own name to a government scheme, calling it, Yuvakiranalu. Prefixing it with the name of Rajiv, Kiran changed it when somebody pointed out the impropriety. The scheme Indira Jala Prabha introduced by Kiran is nothing but YSR’s Indira Prabha.  DL said that YSR started this scheme in four places in his constituency, which was running very well even now. But Kiran started this scheme in only one place but it ceased to operate in a very short time, DL asserted.



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