Digvijay Terms Kashmir ‘India-Occupied Kashmir’

18 Aug, 2016 15:43 IST|Sakshi
<b>Explosive Comment:</b> AICC General Secretary Digvijay Singh described Kashmir as “India-occupied Kashmir”while criticising Modi.

Bhopal: Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Thursday described Kashmir as “India-occupied Kashmir” while criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s utterances on Pakistan.

“Prime Minister Modi seems more concerned about Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, which is welcome, than he is interested in holding talks with India’s Kashmiris,” Digvijay told reporters here.

“Boosting trust among Kashmiris, whether they belong to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir or India-occupied Kashmir, is possible only through dialogue,” he said.

The Congress General Secretary later corrected himself by saying he only meant that Modi is not worried about “India’s Kashmir -- not worried about the valley -- but worried about Pak-occupied Kashmir”.

Digvijay’s gaffe invited immediate reactions on social media. Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal tweeted: “Digvijay Singh ji calls J&K as ‘India occupied Kashmir’. It was his #HappyRakshaBandhan gift to his Pakistani sisters”.

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