Singapore: Indian Biryani Restaurant Owner Sentenced To Jail! 

12 May, 2020 08:08 IST|Sakshi
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SINGAPORE: An Indian businessman, Zackeer Abbass Khan(49) who runs biryani restaurant in Singapore was sentenced to six years of jail and six strokes of the cane for conspiring with others to have Liakath Ali Mohamed Ibrahim, the supervisor of Victory restaurant slashed.

Liakath was not only slashed but also scarred for selling the same food next door on August 26, 2015. Zacker owns the Zam Zam restaurant and he has been jailed. His lawyer said that he intends to appeal.

Anwer Ambiya Kadir Maiden(50), an Indian origin was a business associate and also a long-time friend to Zackeer. Reports say that Zackeer had instructed his friend Anwer to attack on Liakath. Anwer was also given five and a half years of jail.

Anwer had hired Joshua Navindram Surainthiran to attack Liakath for 1,700 Singapore dollars. Joshua was also jailed for six and a half years and six strokes of canes for slashing Liakath and other offences in November 2016.

District Judge Mathew Joseph said that the case was all the business rivalry. Earlier, Zackeer and Liakath were business partners. After the business failed, Zacker blamed Liakath for being cheated of 80,000 Singapore Dollars. Later Liakath joined the Victory restaurant.

The Judge said that, “ This case is a salutary and sad reminder that one should not allow the red mist of bitterness and anger to cloud one's better judgment. The resulting consequences can be severe for both the victim and the perpetrators involved. Certainly, there can be no place in our society for gratuitous violence arising out of mere business rivalry.”

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