Unlawful Activities At IIIT Basar

26 Oct, 2019 14:05 IST|Sakshi
Unlawful Activities At IIIT Basar

BASAR: Two persons caught red-handedly by the police for committing unlawful activities at IIIT Basar in the Nirmal district.

According to the reports, One of them is a native of Nepal and the other is a woman, who is a resident of the Nirmal district. Police had confirmed that the duo has been working in a private canteen which is being run by violating the varsity rules. According to the university rules, private canteens are not allowed to operate within the campus.

However, after coming to know about the incident Sakshi Reporter, as well as Sakshi Cameraman, went to the spot to take the video footage of the incident. But, Basara SI has acted insolently towards the media person and has forcibly taken the footage from him.  Earlier, a person from Nepal has been brutally murdered in the same area and no evidence was found by the police after the incident.

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