Suspected Of Witchcraft, Shamirpet Man Lynched And Burnt On Woman’s Pyre 

19 Sep, 2019 12:37 IST|Sakshi
Inset:Boyini Anjaneyulu (24) deceased

Hyderabad: In a gruesome act a man was beaten up, and burnt on a funeral pyre for allegedly practising witchcraft. The incident took place in Adraspalli village at Shamirpet Mandal in the outskirts of Hyderabad on Wednesday, but the incident came to light on Thursday.

According to Shamirpet police, Gara Lakshmi (45), was suffering from ailments for several years and had died on Wednesday. Her family members were suspicious a person from the same village named Boyini Anjaneyulu (24) had practised witchcraft on her. On Wednesday evening, they performed her last rites and were expecting him to come for the funeral.

Incidentally, Anjaneuyulu passed through the cremation ground and their doubts gained belief that he had something to do with her death. They caught hold of him, thrashed, and axed him to death. They placed the body on the same pyre where Lakshmi's mortal remains were consigned to ashes.

Upon intimation by the locals, Shamirpet police rushed to the cremation ground. However, the men had already fled from there. The police recovered the youth's half-burnt body from the pyre and conducted are conducting an investigation into the matter.

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