Watch: Man Tries To Kidnap Child In Punjab

18 Sep, 2019 19:26 IST|Sakshi

Ludhiana: A daring attempt to steal a four-year-old child in Rishi Nagar area here was foiled by members of her family who chased away the culprit and got him arrested.

Watch the video:

The incident caught on a CCTV camera shows a man with a cycle rickshaw cart creeping up to the cot on which the child is seen sleeping outside her house. Astonishingly, he lifts the child and puts her on to his cycle cart. The video footage then shows the alert mother who wakes up and snatches the child back while another woman, sleeping on the charpoy nearby runs in pursuit of the alleged thief who cycles away.

Locals caught the accused and informed the police, who rushed to arrest him.

Ramandeep Singh, SHO said, "The accused is nearly 40 years old. He first came to check that the family members were asleep. Later he returns with a cart to abduct the child. The mother woke up and stops the girl from being taken".

The reason for the abduction bid is still not clear, he further said.

An FIR has been registered on the premise of CCTV visuals, and further investigation is under way, the police officer said. ANI

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