Woman Hires Contract Killers To Eliminate Brother

28 Jun, 2019 14:04 IST|Sakshi
Woman Hires Contract Killers To Eliminate Brother

Bengaluru: In a case of ingratitude and apathy, a woman had her own brother killed, as she was opposed to his choice of groom for her daughter. The incident took place in Viswesarayya layout at Kengeri in Karnataka on June 22.

In this case, Gowramma a widowed woman was staying with her brother Rajasekhar along with her daughter, after her husband passed away. Her brother took good care of her and her child. After the girl reached marriageable age, he found a suitable match and formalised the wedding. Gowramma was apparently not happy with the choice of groom and this led to several arguments between them. However, Rajasekhar had firmly put his foot down and went ahead with all the arrangements for the wedding.

In a bid to foil the marriage, she planned to eliminate her brother and gave Rs 3 lakh as 'supari' to Mutthaj, Munna , Arji and Shakib to kill him. On 22nd evening she called Rajasekhar to Viswesarayya layout. They smashed his head and killed him and left him there. She then went and filed a police complaint that the groom had committed the murder to wash her hands of the crime.

However, the police grew suspicious looking at her odd behaviour and examined her phone call list. The names of Mutthaj, Munna , Arji and Shakib came and the police took them into custody. After enquiry the four, who had a past criminal background revealed that Gowramma had given them money to kill her brother.

Kengeri police arrested Gowramma and took her into custody.

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