Husband Kills Wife For Making Tik Tok Videos

2 Jun, 2019 16:47 IST|Sakshi
Kanaka Raju and his wife Nandini (File pic)

Coimbatore: The debilitating effects of technology are now widespread. Getting glued to games such as PUBG has cost lives of youngsters across the country. In a latest incident, a husband killed his wife in Kovai in Coimbatore after she had allegedly got addicted to Tik Tok and was posting videos regularly much to chagrin of her husband.

Deceased Nandini (28), who worked in a private engineering college, was married to construction worker Kanaka Raju (35) for some time and had a son and a daughter. The couple has been living separately for two years due to marital discord. In the meantime, Nandini became an addict of Tik Tok and began uploading numerous videos.

Kanaka Raju who came across the videos called her up and told her not to upload videos on Tik Tok. He also asked her to come back and live with him as a family. As he kept calling her multiple times, Nandini’s phone was busy on one of the occasions. Kanaka Raju who was drunk became livid and rushed furiously to the college where Nandini was working. He accosted her and altercation ensued between them. He took out the knife that he had carried and stabbed her. She died immediately and her body was left in a pool of blood. Police descended on the scene soon and sent the dead body for autopsy. Kanaka Raju was arrested and a case was filed against him on the charges of murder.

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