TV Actress Jhansi’s Boyfriend  Surya Teja Arrested By Hyderabad Police

10 Feb, 2019 14:12 IST|Sakshi
Telugu TV Actress Jhansi  Inset :Surya Teja

Hyderabad: Punjagutta Police have arrested Surya Teja who is said to be TV actress Jhansi’s boyfriend in Hyderabad on Sunday. Police took Surya Teja into custody following a complaint filed by the actress’s mother Sampoorna and her brother Durga Prasad. Police are questioning him and have also seized his mobile phone and are verifying his call data.

Earlier Telugu TV serial actress Jhansi's mother Sampoorna and brother Durga Prasad filed a complaint against the late actress's boyfriend Surya Teja, claiming that he was responsible for her suicide. Talking to the media after submitting their testimony and complaint at Punjagutta police station in Hyderabad, Sampoorna said that Surya Teja had trapped her in the name of love and cheated her. They had evidence of it which they submitted to the police.

Sampoorna told the media that they had purchased gold worth Rs 10 lakh for her wedding which Surya Teja had taken away from her. She also said that Jhansi had purchased an expensive bike worth Rs 1.5 lakh for Surya Teja's birthday. Two months ago he had taken Jhansi to his relative's house and from then on he had been harassing her. Unable to bear this harassment she even stopped going for shoots to avoid him, she said.

Sampoorna also said that he started accusing Jhansi of having affairs with other men. Unable to bear the insult, she resorted to suicide a few days ago. Sampoorna and Durga Prasad in their complaint requested the police to take cognisance of these pieces of evidence and facts and demanded that Surya Teja is arrested for Jhansi's death.

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