Special Task Force Apprehends Irani Gang, Gold Worth Rs 11 lakh Recovered

22 Jan, 2019 09:10 IST|Sakshi
Cyberabad Commissioner of Police VC Sajjanar

The notorious inter state Irani Gang (Diverting gang) which caused a huge commotion in October last year has been apprehended by the Special Task Force team, said Cyberabad Commissioner of Police VC Sajjanar.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, he said that the team arrested Irani gang leader Waseem Abbas Siraj, Jai Kumar Rajak, Niyaz Mohd Khan and Javeed Baali. The gang was found guilty of crimes in Mumbai, Varanasi, Allahabad and Patna. The Cyberabad Police Commissioner informed that 100 percent of the stolen property weighing 32.5 tulas gold ornaments worth Rs. 11 lakhs was recovered from the from the possession of the accused.

Irani Gang Leader Waseem is wanted in 58 cases of robbery.

He further revealed that the gang targeted women wearing gold ornaments near temples. Their tactic was making the women believe it is a good sentiment to place their mangalsutra(wedding necklace) along with the pooja material offered to the deity. The accused, then diverted their attention, wrapped the ornaments with currency notes and placed them in the backpack, thus robbing the women.

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