Woman Butchers Lover, Serves Human Meat In Biriyani To Workers

22 Nov, 2018 14:51 IST|Sakshi
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A Moroccan woman allegedly killed her live-in partner in the most ghastly fashion. According to reports, the woman, whose name is being kept under wraps, reportedly butchered her lover's body into pieces and used the human meat in a biriyani preparation. The woman reportedly minced the human meat in a blender before adding it in the rice preparation. She served the biriyani to workers. It is learnt that the woman was in a live-in relationship with the man for over seven years. It is learnt that the police acted after the victim's brother filed a complaint suspecting the woman to be behind the disappearance of the man.

The police is believed to have found a tooth, which the DNA tests identified as that of the man, inside a blender used by the woman!

Although the real motive behind the brutal act is unknown, it is being said that she planned to eliminate him after he refused to marry her. This incident has been reported from Al Ain in UAE.

At first, the woman refused to admit that she had carried out the crime. Eventually after further questioning, the woman admitted to killing her live-in partner saying she did it in a moment of insanity. She is also believed to have said that the murder was an act of revenge for ending their relationship. She will be produced before the court soon.

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