Chaitanya College Bus Runs Over Inter Student In Kukatpally

29 Oct, 2018 16:30 IST|Sakshi

In a tragic turn of events, Monday turned out to be fatal for an intermediate student. A bus belonging to Chaitanya College crushed the girl to death near Kukatpally. The victim has been identified as Ramya, a student pursuing her intermediate course. The girl  suffered an instant death after she was run over by the bus. It is learned that the girl was crossing the road when the speeding bus hit her.

Students who were witness to this ghastly accident staged a dharna and held the driver responsible for her killing. They also broke window panes of the bus while blocking the road at the scene of accident. Commuters who were using the Kukatpally road had to face difficulties to wade through the road blocked by scores who had gathered at the spot where the accident took place.

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The protesters said that it was due to the negligence of the bus driver that the girl was killed.The Students had also closed the colleges in the surrounding areas in Kukatpally as a sign of protest. Police had to resort to mild lathi charge to disperse the agitating students. Madhapur DCP Venkatestwara said that the student died when she was crossing the road using the zebra crossing and was hit by the bus.

He clarified that it was because of the drivers negligence and rash driving the accident happened and that the they would take action against the driver. He also informed that the area has close to twenty thousand students studying in the surrounding colleges and that parents and teachers should take precautions for safety.There is also need for a proper manning of these Zebra crossing lines and signals and its is not possible to build a foot over bridge anywhere because of the Metro Rail passing through the stretch.

Student Union leaders are pressing for criminal cases to filed against the Chaitanya College management and the negligent driver should be arrested and punished severely , they demanded.

Meanwhile the situation has been brought under control and vehicular traffic has resumed in Kukatpally.

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