Congress, TDP wasting time of Assembly: YSRCP

5 Jan, 2014 10:28 IST|Sakshi
Congress, TDP wasting time of Assembly: YSRCP

Hyderabad, Leader of Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu and his double standards stand exposed as he has been promising moon unmindful that his past haunts him and the memories of his nine year misrule are still afresh in the minds of the people while Congress and TDP are wasting the valuable time of the Assembly without spelling out their stand on Telangana issue.

When the President sends a Bill both Congress and TDP do not spell out their stand and the valuable time of the Assembly and Council is being wasted by the confusion and double standards of the two parties, party spokesperson Jupudi Prabhakar told reporters here on Saturday.

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The Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition have been functioning against spirit of the parliamentary democracy and have introduced the Bill which is incomplete, full of loopholes and shows the arrogance of Delhi. Though 75 % of the people are opposing it the two parties do not spell out their stand and the proceedings are not being going on smoothly as a section of members of both the parties are stalling the House.

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YSR Congress has been categorical about its stand that they it is committed for a united state while Naidu has been double-crossing by confining himself to his chamber and encouraging his cadre from both sides to go all out in the House.  “This is not a good parliamentary practice. Every party should have a stand and a policy on any issue. Here Congress and TDP do not have one and are making a mockery of the assembly and council proceedings,” he said.

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Naidu, who keeps silence in the House, has been on a promising spree outside and has been doling out sops after sops but his nine year term is still fresh in the minds of the people. He has never kept up his promise. He has diluted NTR pet schemes of Rs 2 kg rice, subsidised power to farmers and total prohibition. He has been boasting of waiving loans to DWACRA groups but had deceived them during the elections. He had promised loans, gas cylinders, gas connections, free education to girls and Rs 5,000 to every girl child born but never did he keep up any promise.

He has also promised many sops to the weaker sections, in housing and other sectors during the 1999 elections but did not fulfill even one promise. In 2001 Naidu has promised to provide one crore jobs but over 20,000 employees were sacked. His past will haunt him and people are not in a position to believe him, he added.

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