T-Cong MPs to target ministers on statehood

6 Oct, 2012 20:14 IST|Sakshi
T-Cong MPs to target ministers on statehood

Congress MPs from Telangana are joining hands with the Joint Action Committee to target ministers from the region on the statehood issue.

The MPs and the Telangana JAC, at a meeting here today, reportedly decided to prevent ministers from the region from taking part in official programmes related to Andhra Pradesh Formation Day on November 1.
They are also planning to organise protests in the constituencies represented by the ministers to step up pressure on them to take up the cause of a separate Telangana state.
 The Telangana Joint Action Committee has already announced that it would mount pressure on ministers from the region to achieve statehood for Telangana.
 Congress MPs G Vivekananda, Gutta Sukhender Reddy, Manda Jagannadh, S Rajaiah, Balram Naik, MLC K Dileep Kumar, TJAC convener M Kodanda Rami Reddy, Telangana Praja Front leader Gaddar and leaders of other Telangana outfits met at the residence of MP Madhu Yaski here to discuss future course of action after the recent Telangana March, which they claimed was a success.
  For the record, the MPs said they would carry forward the agitation for a separate state along with the ministers and legislators from the region.
 We will fully support the action plan of the JAC. Our fight for Telangana will stretch from the gallis (streets) to Delhi, MPs Madhu Yaski, Sukhender and Jagannadh said.
  The action plan would be devised in such a way to exert more pressure on the Centre to concede the statehood demand, the MPs said.
  Meanwhile, the MPs demanded that all cases registered against pro-statehood activists during the Telangana March be withdrawn immediately.


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