CM's visit puts schools to great inconvenience

13 Apr, 2016 09:33 IST|Sakshi
CM's visit puts schools to great inconvenience

"Whenever Chief Minister visits our region, it is the students who are put to greatest inconvenience.The schools remain closed and the school buses are used to ferry across people to CM's meetings. To compensate for the holiday, the students are forced to attend classes on Sunday."

This lament of a school principal in Eluru town sums it all. With the chief minister set to visit Kukkunur on Wednesday, students, teachers, school managements in 11 mandals under the divisions of Eluru, Jangareddygudem and Chintalapudi divisions will re-live their ordeal one more time. The schools, mainly private and corporate, will not work on Wednesday, but will work on Sunday instead.
This being the examination season, the students, who were to take exams on Wednesday, will write them on Sunday. The school managements in these mandals reportedly pleaded that they be exempted this time so that the examination schedule is unaffected. However, the district level officials have not relented and asked them to hand over their school buses to be handed over to the transport officials.
The school managements have been protesting this inconvenience, but mildly for fear of inviting the ire of the officials.

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