CM behaved like a dictator: chief whip Gandra

31 Jan, 2014 11:25 IST|Sakshi
CM behaved like a dictator: chief whip Gandra

Hyderabad, Government chief whip Gandra Venkataramana Reddy on Friday criticised CM Kiran Kumar Reddy for being instrumental in rejecting the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill, 2013 in the state assembly.

According to reports, Gandra said,"The CM acted like a dictator in State assembly on Telangana Bill."  He hoped that the Bill will be passed by February 20 in the Parliament.

"Next general elections will be held in Telangana," he added. He also said that State Congress leaders will be touring Delhi on Monday. 

He alleged that CM Kiran and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, together were provoking the people of Telangana. "House should only give its opinion but  cannot reject the bill," he added.


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