Pawan's call of 'Congress hatao' will not succeed: Chiranjeevi

15 Mar, 2014 15:13 IST|Sakshi
Pawan's call of 'Congress hatao' will not succeed: Chiranjeevi

Union Minister of Tourism,  Chiranjeevi on Saturday proved that blood is thicker than water.

Responding on Pawan's launch party speech, the actor-turned-politician said that though he supported his brother, his loyalties lay with Congress. 

Speaking to reporters, he said, "Several leaders and parties have said that Congress should be removed, yet the party has sustained itself. The naysayers didn't succeed. Congress party has a history of more than 127 years old."

Yet, at times the brother overshadowed the politician. Chiranjeevi added, "Pawan has always been a sensitive person, and always dreamt of doing something for the society. He spoke out of emotional."

Chiranjeevi also pointed out that there was nothing wrong in Pawan criticising the way Congress went about doing the bifurcation.  However he was quick to point out, "Congress was the last party to take a decision on state bifurcation. All other parties should be blamed as well."  

Chiranjeevi said that he didn't understand the ideology of Pawan’s party and its policies. "I can respond better only after knowing Pawan's agenda and policies. Every citizen has a right to float a new party. We should see what he does to the society"

"I have never spoke with Pawan about Jana Sena." he said.   

When asked if he will ever speak to Pawan, Chiranjeevi retorted, "Why won't I speak to my own brother?"


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