Cattle trafficking racket busted in Hyderabad

25 Nov, 2015 21:29 IST|Sakshi
Cattle trafficking racket busted in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A cattle burglar Navab and his associates have been arrested by the police on Wednesday.

Navab, who hails from Haryana, came to Hyderabad for livelihood. He did this by running a beef shop. Navab dreamed of having his own house and to fulfill this dream he hatched a unique plan to steal, but unlike other thieves who looked for gold and cash, he decided to smuggle cattle that were not protected; and so put this plan into action by formed three band of robbers to steal from poor farmers.

With his band of robbers, Navab used to snatch the unprotected cows, oxes, calves and buffaloes and transport their carcasses to the exporting companies in a huge amount. With the money he almost got ready to buy a house and also gave an amount of Rs. 5 lakh in advance to a mediator, Rs. 7.45 lakh to his associates to buy a vehicle to transport the robbed cattle from peasants.

But, to his misfortune, Navab's plans to get more money tfor his house backfired as he was nabbed by the police during one of his robberies. During subsequent poilce interrogation, he spilled out the details of his past robberies. Several cases have been filed against Navab and his accomplices by the police including in Hyderabad and the neighbouring districts as well.

The Court has rejected their several bail petitions after listening to the arguments of the case. Public Prosecutor D. Ramireddy pointed out to the court in his argument that the cattle traffickers were cruel in stealing the unprotected cattle of poor and hapless farmers who are dependent on their cattle and thus ruined their livelihood.

The Public Prosecutor argued that Navab, who robbed and sold 187 cattle, used to sell the stolen cattle for thousands of rupees and resell the beef in his shop only. Agreeing with the arguments of the PP, The Judge dismissed Navab's bail petition.

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