Cash for Vote Scam: Cruical appointment at crisis time

19 Jun, 2015 11:44 IST|Sakshi
Cash for Vote Scam: Cruical appointment at crisis time

A seemingly innocuous appoint of a respected scientist-administrator as Andhra Pradesh CM's adviser would never raise hackles.

But, eyebrows are sure to be raised if the appointee is a forensic science expert and if the appointment comes at a time when the chief minister's audio sample is sent for forensic examination.
Eminent forensic scientist anf former director of AP Forensic Lab KVC Gandhi has been appointed as AP CM Chandrababu Naidu's advisor. The appointment assumes importance as Chandrababu is going through troubled times in the Cash for Votes scam. Audio tape of his purported telephonic conversation with TRS MLA Stephenson. Even as the report is awaited, Chandrababu made this appointment a tad hastily.
Gandhi headed the AP Forensic Lab, which is now Telangana Forensic Lab. He currently runs Truth Labs, the first ever forensic lab in the private domain. Do these have anything to do with his appointment at this juncture?

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