Cash for Vote Scam: BJP distances itself from TDP

13 Jun, 2015 14:55 IST|Sakshi
Cash for Vote Scam: BJP distances itself from TDP

In the first signal that the BJP is distancing itself from AP CM Chadrababu Naidu, the party's Telangana state President Kishan Reddy said that they believe the tapes and videos  in 'cash for vote' scandal are genuine.

The leader said: "We believe the tapes and videos being aired in media are not fake. We gave our report about the same to BJP top leaders". He also said that it would be good if both CM's think about development of state.
In a slamming act to TDP's statement that Andhra people are not safe in Telangana, Kishan Reddy said regional passions shouldn't be incited to quell the scam.
To one of the questions, he added that BJP is rethinking about its alliance with TDP and will take a decision after the investigation of 'Cash for Vote' is completed.

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