Thailand Mattress Market Outlook To 2023: Ken Research

3 Jul, 2019 19:33 IST|Sakshi
Thailand Mattress Market Outlook To 2023: Ken Research

The report titled “Thailand Mattress Market Outlook to 2023 – By Size (King Size, Queen Size, Twin Size, and Single Size), By Type (spring, Foam, Latex, and Others), By Region (Bangkok, Central excluding Bangkok, North, North East, East, and South), By Distribution Channel (Retail Sales and Direct Sales)” provides a comprehensive analysis of the mattress manufacturing industry within Thailand. The report covers various aspects including introduction, value chain analysis, market ecosystem, the market size by revenue and volume, segmentation by size, by type, by region, by distribution channel and by market structure; trade scenario, decision-making process before purchasing a mattress, trends and developments and issues and challenges, Porter’s five forces analysis, a regulatory framework that affects the market and the comparative landscape of the Thailand mattress industry. The report concludes with future market projections and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

Thailand Mattress Market Overview and Size

Thailand mattress market was observed in its growth stage. The country has high-quality natural resources and has invested in this industry. The country’s both residential sector including the demand for home-users; and the non-residential sector including hotels, hospitals, college hostels, and other institutional buildings have majorly contributed towards the demand for mattresses in Thailand. The increasing presence of both international, as well as domestic players Coupled with developing technology and innovation in the field has created a positive impact on the industry revenue and sales volume. The market was witnessed to grow over the review period on account of the increasing number of households, hotel rooms, and the rising disposable income. Growth drivers such as tourist arrivals, hospitality, and the healthcare industry also had a positive impact on the market.

Thailand Mattress Market Segmentation

By Size (King Size, Queen Size, Twin Size, and Single Size): King size beds were observed to dominate Thailand mattress market in 2018 in terms of sales volume. People in Thailand majorly prefer king size mattresses as they are larger in terms of thickness and are the ideal choice which is generally a recommended size for 2 adults. The price difference between king size and queen size beds for some company brands was observed to be quite less as a result of which, Thai customers are willing to spend a bit more for more space. Non-residential end users such as hotels also prefer king size beds. Queen size, twin size, and single size mattresses were observed to capture the remaining market in terms of volume during 2018.

By Type of Mattress (Spring, Foam, Latex, and Others): Spring mattresses were the most widely used mattress in the country in terms of sales volume. Among them, pocket spring mattresses are the most selling mattress segment in the country. Pocket spring mattress absorbs the movement of the person sleeping on one end and lets the other person sleep undisturbed. Other spring mattresses sold include Bonell spring and offset spring. The remaining market share was captured by foam, latex and other mattress segments.

By Region (Bangkok, Central region excluding Bangkok, North, North-East, East and South): Majority of the mattress market within Thailand was concentrated around Bangkok during the year 2018. The remaining prominent areas such as the north, the north-east, east, south and the center excluding Bangkok have almost equal distribution of mattress sales volume in 2018.

By Distribution Channel (Retail Sales and Direct Sales): Retail sales channel within Thailand dominated the market in terms of sales volume while direct sales channel had a limited share in the overall the market in 2018. Retail sales are majorly directed towards residential home users whereas; direct sales are directed towards enterprise end users such as hospitals and hotels and other major institutions.

By Market Structure (Organized Market and Unorganized Market): The organized market in Thailand represents popular mattress manufacturers majorly operating in the urban areas that distribute their products through a structured distribution channel. The segment dominated the market during the year 2018. Unorganized market players are those players that do not have any intermediaries involved in their distribution channel and sell directly to consumers (end users). Unorganized market players include the local mattress manufacturers in the country.

Comparative Landscape in Thailand Mattress Market

Competition stage within the Thailand mattress market was observed to be highly concentrated along with the presence of major players such as Lotus Mattress, Sealy Thailand, Dunlopillo, Dreammaster Thailand and Slumberland Thailand in terms of sales volume in 2018. Lotus Bedding, Sealy and Slumberland were observed to be in close competition among organized players in terms of sales volume during 2018. They were majorly observed to compete on the basis of price, quality of the product, product logistics operations, manufacturing technology, manufacturing capabilities, product customization, and others. Additionally, it was observed that the majority of Thai mattress manufacturers are exporting finished products to neighboring South-east Asian countries such as Vietnam, Philippines and others whereas; numerous luxury mattresses are also being imported into Thailand.

Thailand Mattress Market Future Outlook and Projections

Thailand mattress market both in terms of revenue as well as sales volume is further expected to grow over the forecasted period 2019-2023 along with limited growth in the market. The market will be majorly driven by increased number of households, hotel rooms, and personal disposable income. Since Thailand generates significant revenue through tourism, it is anticipated that this will continue in the near future triggering the demand for mattresses especially from hotel rooms. Favorable government regulations will also facilitate the entry of foreign companies in the country’s mattress business. Expansion of foreign mattress brands and production of mattresses using advanced technology will directly support the growth of revenue in the Thailand mattress market. Inclusion of online retailing as a part of distribution channel is expected to set an opportunity for mattress companies to increase the number of customers and ensure a wider reach.

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