Australia Mattress Market Outlook To 2023: Ken Research

10 Jun, 2019 18:39 IST|Sakshi
Australia Mattress Market Outlook To 2023

The report titled “Australia Mattress Market Outlook to 2023 - By Size (King, Queen, Double, Single), By Type (spring – Pocket and Inner Spring, Foam & Latex and Others), By Distribution Channel (Retail and Direct), By Price (Mass, Economy, and Premium), By Organized and Unorganized Segment” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Mattress market in Australia. The report covers various aspects including introduction, pricing analysis, market overview and genesis, trade scenario, trends and developments, issues and challenges, decision-making criteria, competitive landscape, and government regulations. The report concludes with future market projection and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

Market Overview

Australia the mattress market is at the later growth stage. Australia Mattress industry revenue has increased at a positive single-digit CAGR during the period FY’2013-FY’2018. The market is gradually surging with more number of Hotel rooms, increasing the number of hospital beds as well as a number of residential apartments coming up in the country. The customers in the market are looking for comfort and customization at an affordable price. The customers highly price sensitive and high bargaining power due to the presence of many mattress players in Australia. You can find the Mattress Deals here.

The Australia mattress market is mostly being dominated by the spring mattress due to a reasonable price range as well as comfort. Luxury hotels and other premium guest houses opt for foam and latex mattresses produced mostly in king size. Increase in Tourism and growing attention towards back problems and spine problems have led to an increase in the sales of customized mattresses.

Australia Mattress Market Segmentation

By Size of Mattress: The mattress market is dominated by the king and super king size mattress in terms of generating revenue in FY'2018. The increase in the number of Hotels in Australia is one of the major reasons for the increase in demand for a king and super king size mattress. Second highest market share by revenue is accounted for by queen size mattress whereas double and single size mattresses hold the third and fourth highest market share by revenue in Australia mattress market. 

By Type of Mattress: Spring mattress dominated the mattress market and contributed a major share in terms of generating revenues in FY’2018. Spring mattresses are the most common mattresses purchased in Australia as they are firm and provide good back support as well as does not cause a disturbance at night due to the movement of the partner. Other mattresses such as air mattresses, waterbeds and bed heads accounted second highest market share, whereas Foam & Latex mattresses accounted for a mere revenue share in FY’2018.

By Type of Spring Mattress: The major share by type of spring mattress is held by pocket spring mattresses due to its higher spring count and a number of individual springs. This makes the mattress more comfortable and better for sleep. Innerspring mattresses hold the second highest market share. These mattresses are firm and have a complete steel coil support system making it a little hard.

By Type of Distribution Channel: The mattress market in Australia in FY’2018 was dominated by the retail sector. People prefer to choose amongst price, comfort, quality, and style of the mattress according to their preference and a retail store allows the consumer to choose amongst these options. The direct channel has accounted second highest market share as the direct market usually caters to hotels, hostels, and hospitals who buy mattresses in bulk.

By Price Segment: Mass-market had the largest share by revenue in FY’2018 as the prices of mattresses in this category are lower when compared to the economy and premium range, mass mattresses are used mostly in hospitals as well as hostels and smaller hotels. The economy market has the second largest market share in terms of revenue. Most of the mattresses purchased by homeowners belong to this category. Premium mattress market had the third largest share in FY’2018.

By Market Structure: Australia The mattress market is largely dominated by the organized market owing to the significant presence of the local and the international players.

By Type of manufacturing: Most of the mattresses which are sold in Australia are manufactured locally in the country. Imports accounted for a mere share in the Australia mattress market.

Competitive Landscape

The Australia mattress market is concentrated. The market has numerous players operating in the market. The major players in the market are Sealy, Comfort Group, Makin Mattress, Vanrest Beds Direct, Sleepeezee, Slumberest, Ergoflex, Sleep Republic, Sleeping Duck, Koala, AH Beard, Greywing and Ecosa. These players compete on the basis of Price, Quality, after sale service, customization and Brand value.

Australia Mattress market Future Outlook

Australia mattress market in terms of revenue will increase at a positive single digit CAGR during the period FY’2018 – FY’2023E. The demand for mattresses will be further augmented with the growth in the Hotel rooms. Increasing demand from hospitals is likely to drive future demand for mattresses with companies adopting pocket springs as well as foam and Latex mattresses for customers that prefer mattresses to support their back and have qualities for better sleep.

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