KC Valley, A Feather In MEIL’s Cap

17 Dec, 2018 16:57 IST|Sakshi
KC Valley, A Feather In MEIL’s Cap

Koramangala-Challaghatta Valley (KC Valley) project is deemed to be a unique project in the country. An irrigation project, considered a rare one, is a first of its kind in the entire country. The project turns out to be a panacea to the ever growing problem of Bangalore city's drain and sewerage on one hand and on the other rejuvenating the minor irrigation system in rural areas which is facing a slow death.

The scheme envisages filling of several tanks in Kolar district with treated water from Bengaluru and strengthening of its ayacut. Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd. (MEIL) has achieved a rear distinction by grounding the KC Valley project in Bangalore and adjacent districts of Kolar and Chikkaballapur said Mr. Sudhir Mohan, Vice-President of MEIL.

Israel pioneered the technology of using treated sewage water to grow crops through micro irrigation system. Hitherto nowhere in the world such a system exists, except in Israel. However, MEIL, for the first time in India, has successfully implemented such a system in India with KC Valley project. Under this project treated sewage water is used to fill irrigation tanks in Kolar district.

The KC Valley project comes up as an ever lasting solution to the sewage water problem of Bangalore city. The quantum of city's sewage multiplies with rapid growth of population posing a serious threat to the urban eco system.

Bangalore Metropolitan and Karnataka state government authorities have been grappling with the ever growing sewage problem for a long time and a permanent solution was not in sight until KC Valley project takes shape. On the other hand the neighbouring Kolar district has been in the grip of drought for decades forcing people and farmers live in misery.

The KC Valley project thus has been designed to attain double benefits. Sewage water in Bangalore city is being treated and supplied to fill tanks in Kolar district to strengthen and irrigate parched farms even during a drought. MEIL, having won the bid for KC Valley project, had surmounted many obstacles and challenges to complete the project well before the scheduled time.

The project has been commissioned despite some works entrusted by the government at a later stage are under progress. Presently treated sewage water in Bangalore city is being pumped far away to fill the tanks in Kolar district.

The aim is to fill tanks in 126 tanks in a phased manner under 6 clusters. Accordingly, Lakshmisagar, Uddhapanahalli, Narsapura, Dodavallabhi, Bhattankere, Singanahalli tanks are being filled up now with treated water. The scheme's objective is to recharge the ground water table by filling the dried up tanks which in turn helps in increasing ground water table and sustain irrigation of the ayacut.

During the last four decades ground water table in Kolar district has drastically fallen resulting in drying up of bore wells and wells. So rejuvenation of bore wells and wells would be the only way to bring the parched lands back into agriculture operations. These treated waters from Bangalore would surely save the farmers from the clutches of drought, Mr. Sudhir Mohan averred.

A first of its kind project

Under this scheme 6 pumping stations have to be erected as the treated water is required to pump against the gravity. Out of these six pumping stations three were completed and commissioned. Works on other three pumping stations are nearing completion. As part of KC Valley project 23 motors with capacities ranging from 160 to 2800 HP have been installed.

To supply water, pipelines of 124 kms of length were laid from Bangalore city. The pipe line laying works which begun in 2016 have been completed in two phases. 126 tanks will receive treated water in phase wise. For this purpose tanks have been divided under taluks and clusters. The Minor Irrigation department and Geological department of Government of Karnataka had come up with KC Valley project to irrigate parched lands with treated water which is a first of its kind project in the country.

The sewage treatment plants (STPs) erected by MEIL in Koramangala and Challagatta areas of Bangalore city have been treating 200 MLD of sewage water. 126 tanks in Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts have been getting supply of treated water. Works are under progress to enhance sewage treatment capacity to 440 MLD in phase wise.

Under this project majority of works were required to be grounded in Bangalore metropolitan city. This has indeed proved to be daunting task. Having to obtain necessary clearances from state and central governments in time, execution of works in areas with high volume of traffic, narrow and congested places, and acquisition of private lands, hostile terrain and unseasonal rains were some of the adversities and challenges MEIL faced during execution of the project. However MEIL has successfully surmounted all the challenges to deliver the project in time.

Custom made pipes used for this project

Under KC Valley project tanks in six taluks of Kolar district are to be filled with treated water. Six massive pump houses have been built to ensure high volume of water supply. A MS pipe line for a length of 124 kms has been laid crisscrossing main roads of Bangalore city, national highways, passing under rail tracks. Over a time MS pipes are tend to get corroded and dissolve in the soil beneath it. Having taken this fact into consideration, MEIL has used special custom made pipes for this project. These specially made pipes are corrosion proof and can also withstand high volume water flow. Surface of these pipes is covered with iron mesh and edges are plastered with cement.

The total project cost stood at Rs.1342 crores. To avoid power problems for KC Valley project, MEIL has built 6 electric sub-stations with 66kv capacity. Along with sub-stations MEIL has also built six pump houses and a massive surge tank.

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