Budgetary debate: YSR regime was AP's golden era, says Jagan

25 Aug, 2014 13:30 IST|Sakshi
Budgetary debate: YSR regime was AP's golden era, says Jagan

The debate on AP budget for the FY 2014 saw leader of the opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at his fiery best. The speech was as fiery as it was fact-ridden.

Speaking on the budget he quoted figures and facts to expose the claims of the TDP government.

Here are the highlights of YS Jagan's speech:

* Every statistic and every assessment was unequivocal about the progress achieved during the past 10 years (during YSR's regime). However, the TDP is bent on criticising and nitpicking.
* The Finance Minister had made sweeping remarks like the governance in the last 10 years was corruption-ridden. Finance Minister's speech is an unsavoury saga of self-praise and blind criticism of others.
* Jagan gave timely retorts to TDP taunts. When some TDP legislators tried to obstruct Jagan's speech and said that they need not learn from him, Jagan quipped: "Learn... do learn... I am tutoring you.... please learn."
* Quoting figures, Jagan said that the agricultural growth during 1984-94 was 2.38 per cent, industrial growth was 8.26 per cent, services sector growth was 7.30 per cent and the average growth rate was 5.38 per cent.
* During 1994-2004 period, when Chandrababu ruled AP, the agricultural growth was 3.73 per cent, industrial growth was 6.51 per cent and services sector growth was 7.09 per cent. The average growth rate was 5.72 per cent.
* During YSR rule (2004-2009), the agricultural growth was 6.10 per cent, industrial growth was 10.90 per cent and service sector saw 10.61 per cent. The the growth rate was 9.60 per cent. Thus if marks are to be given, pre-Chandrababu period got 53 marks, Chandrababu regime got 57 per cent and YSR got 96 marks.
* Between 2009 and 2014, the agricultural growth rate has fallen to 3.94 per cent, industrial growth rate fell to 5.05 per cent, services sector growth is 8.84 per cent. Thus the average is 6.86 per cent. Thus, it has got just 68 marks.
* Even as Jagan was making his speech, the Finance Minister rose to interrupt. The speaker gave him an opportunity and over-ruled the objections of YS Jagan.
* Jagan further pointed out that the pre-Chandrababu regime, the per capita income was Rs 15,502. During Babu regime it stood at 23,448. During YSR regime, it rose to Rs 46,305. During 2012-13, it stood at Rs 73,958.
* During Chandrababu regime, the revenue deficit stood at Rs 21,994 crore. YSR's regime saw revenue surplus. During 2004-2-14, there was a revenue surplus of Rs 10,329.


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