Biker Stands His Ground, Teaches A Lesson To Traffic Violator 

6 Nov, 2017 18:33 IST|Sakshi
The biker blocking the path of the SUV which was moving in the wrong direction, in Bhopal.

Bhopal: A biker stood his ground and prevented a traffic violator from driving on the wrong side of the road thus saving the lives of several commuters.

On November 3, a road user drove his SUV on the wrong side of the road at a signal crossing in Bhopal. A biker who saw the traffic violation stopped his bike in front of the SUV preventing it from proceeding on the wrong side. The SUV driver then threatened to mow down the biker. But the latter did not budge. A verbal duel soon ensued. Passersby watched the unfolding fight but did not intervene. So did other drivers. The verbal spat turned into a fist-fight with the SUV driver raining blows on the biker, who started to offer resistance. At this time, passersby intervened and separated the duo. The SUV driver removed his torn shirt and walked back to his vehicle. He, then, reversed his vehicle. The biker only budged after the SUV was reversed.

Watch the CCTV footage here:

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