'Bhadram Bidda....' 'Bye Amma!!'

24 Jul, 2014 13:09 IST|Sakshi
'Bhadram Bidda....' 'Bye Amma!!'

"Bhadram Bidda..... Bye Amma!" These perhaps were the last words spoken by the unfortunate kids and their ill-fated parents. The kids lost their lives and the parents lost the light of their lives to Medak school bus tragedy. 

Little did the mirthfully chirping children realise that the fatal folly of the driver made them fodder for death which came roaring in the form of a marauding train and mercilessly crushed them. 

As many as 11 children, all from Gundetipalle village were killed in the accident. Some families lost all their children in this mishap. Siblings Varun and Shruti of Gundetipalli and Razia and Wahed from Krishnapur were among those killed. (Tractor driver drove the school bus!)

The accident site was a picture of blood and gore with pieces of flesh, body parts, books, lunch boxes and school bags strewn all over. The bus was mangled beyond recognition.

The scene was one of inconsolable grief as the shreiks and wails of the parents and relatives rent the air. Several parents fell unconscious at the accident spot.  

As many as 21 children died and several others suffered grievous injuries. All the students belong to Kakatiya Techno School in Toopran. The killer train was delayed by four hours and the bus driver, who was not a regular on this route, did not realise the danger fully. He too perished with the children at the unmanned level crossing Masaipet Village.


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