Bandh success; TDP’s insecurity exposed

19 Aug, 2015 16:25 IST|Sakshi
Bandh success; TDP’s insecurity exposed

Stating that the state-wide bandh in protest against the harassment of students in a corporate college which lead to suicides and the removal of Nagari Municipal Commissioner as success, YSR Congress has condemned the TDP Government for its repressive methods and indiscriminately arresting elected representatives.

‘The bandh has been highly successful and has received huge response from student unions, intelligentsia and other sections joining the protest even as MLAs have been either arrested or kept under house arrest,’ Party Kadiri MLA Chand Basha told reporters on Wednesday.

MLA Roja was put under house arrest even as the  bandh got a good response at Nagari even as Party leaders and MLAs including Amarnath Reddy, Narayanaswamy, Ajmad Pasha, Ravindarnath Reddy and others were either arrested or put under house arrest.

‘This is a mockery of  democracy as the State did not order for an inquiry into the suicides of students studying in corporate colleges owned by TDP minister and when our Party leaders wanted to express their right protest it was being scuttled by misusing police machinery,’ he said.

‘Though 15 students have died in the recent past, there is no action from the government and despite its repressive measures of arrests people participated in large numbers to make the bandh a success.

It is the insecurity of the TDP that is forcing it to resort to such repressive methods but the ire of the people is expressed with the success of the bandh,’ he said. YSRCP leader and former MLA Gadikota Srikanth Reddy also slammed the TDP government for the high-handed actions. He said the bandh was a stupendous success. 

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