Bachpan School Tragedy: Crucial CCTV Footage Missing?

20 Nov, 2017 14:34 IST|Sakshi
Bachpan School in RK Nagar where Sai Rachit was found dead 

The crucial CCTV footage in Bachpan school in Malkajgiri's RK Nagar, where a toddler died after he fell into an open water sump, is suspected to have gone missing. The police and the education department officials, who conducted searches in the already sealed school, collected the hard disc and the CCTV footage. But, they suspect that the footage could have been deleted. Similarly, the school bag of Rachit, the kid who died, has also gone missing. The police have already arrested school principal Raghavender and counselor Unni Krishnan.

The Government has already sealed the Bachpan Play School at RK Nagar in Malkajgiri on charges of being negligent towards the safety of the children. On November 14, two-and-a-half-year-old Nama Shiva Rachith, younger son of Anil Kumar and Vishala, was found to have drowned in the underground water sump located within the school’s premises. The incident exposed the lapses in safety and security of tiny kids at nursery and play schools in the city.

Shockingly, there was no one to oversee the children while playing in the school ground. After the kid slipped into the sump and died, no one was aware of the tragedy until Shiva’s mother Vishala went to pick him up from the school.

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