Baahubali director turns hero for a cause

3 Nov, 2015 11:59 IST|Sakshi
Baahubali director turns hero for a cause

Baahubali director Rajamouli made extreme efforts to direct the war sequence in his magnum opus, Baahubali. Now he is all geared up to take up the mantle fight himself for a cause.

Rajamouli collaborated with American Oncology Institute (AOI) to work for an anti-smoking campaign, #FightSmoking. He appeared in their smoking awareness video and urged people to quit smoking and save their lives.

The video is shot with the theme, ‘Fight Smoking-Be the Hero of your life’. Rajamouli, who initially believed that smoking is a personal choice was hesitant to be a part of this campaign. But when AOI doctors showed him smoker’s death statistics, he agreed to do the video.

Speaking about the campaign, Rajamouli said, "No one in this world is as important to us as ourselves. So we should keep our health in our control and should not let addictions like smoking and drinking control us.”

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