Attempt To Murder YSRCP Leader Foiled

24 Nov, 2017 10:28 IST|Sakshi
Dhanunjay Yadav

Political faction violence raised its ugly head in Anantapur district once again. The police foiled a conspiracy to eliminate prominent YSRCP leader and party's BC Cell state general secretary Dhanunjay Yadav. They arrested a gang of 10 persons, who were tasked to murder him.

YSRCP Rapthadu constituency coordinator Topudurthi Prakash Reddy said that the murder plan was hatched by Paritala Sunitha. He said that attempts were made on Yadav in the past too. he said that the TDP, which is unable to fight the YSRCP politically, is trying to physically eliminate its leaders. He said the YSRCP would not be cowed down by these threats and attacks.

Further details are awaited.

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