AP Capital City Master Plan is diversion plan, says Roja

21 Jul, 2015 18:12 IST|Sakshi
AP Capital City Master Plan is diversion plan, says Roja

Pooh-poohing the Master Plan for capital city released by the TDP Government, YSR Congress has said it was only to cover up the Pushkara tragedy that the master plan was brought to the fore.

It said the plan has no budgetary support and had no the mention of Centre’s role. It is a mere promotional brochure, it said.

“The state hurriedly releasing the Master Plan airlifting a Singapore Minister is only a Diversion Plan and Chandrababu Naidu has been using the publicity machinery to cover up his failures one after the other. To cover-up the cash-for-vote scam, he had planned a grand publicity for Godavari Pushkaram roping international TV channels and when it backfired with the tragedy, now he brings in a Singapore Minister by a chartered flight to release a Master Plan of the capital city which is nothing but diversionary tactics,” party MLA RK Roja told reporters on Tuesday.

“The master plan looks like a colourful brochure that realtors release before they sell the houses, and it looks good on paper but where are the budgetary allocations. Is it the Centre that is responsible for building the capital or the Singapore government? Such questions should be answered by the State categorically.First it should make it clear if the Centre has any role to play in the capital formation or not. The State Reorganisation Act 2014 clearly states that it is the job of the Centre. Why then the Singapore company is roped in needs to be explained. Singapore is not a charitable institution but a commercial entity and there is no reason as to why it should render free service to Chandrababu Naidu,” Roja said.

The Government should also clarify if it had allotted huge extent of land to Singapore company in lieu of the development contract. How much developed land will the farmers will be getting for surrendering the land and when should be answered unambiguously. There is no mention of the welfare of weaker sections in the Master Plan. It is like a dream city devoid of any place for weaker sections.

The Centre’s role, farmers’ compensation and what is there for weaker sections in the Master Plan should be told in unequivocal terms, she said.

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