COVID-19 Andhra Pradesh App Launched To Connect Citizens With Health Services

17 May, 2020 16:43 IST|Sakshi
Screenshots of the App

AMARAVATI: The Andhra Pradesh Government in a bid to ensure public safety against the coronovirus and ensure important information related to health services related to coronavirus, has launched the '' COVID-19 Andhra Pradesh'' App .

The application which is developed by the Department of Health, Medical & Family Welfare Department, will enable citizens to connect with all essential health services in the fight against COVID 19.

The app is aimed at removing physical barriers resulting in the speed of access and delivery of services to the citizens of the state.

It also aims to reach out to the citizens with information regarding the status of their District/Mandal/Village, do’s and don’ts, announcements, and important health bulletins.

To down load the app go to Google Play Store and download the COVID-19 AP mobile phone app.

As part of the services rendered, if anyone has coronavirus symptoms, doctors will come home and examine them. If they test positive, the information will be kept confidential and the person will be kept in home isolation or taken to a hospital.

Any person who downloads this app has to furnish details like his name and details related to his symptoms that s/he is experiencing.

Once the app is downloaded, the person's phone number goes to the medical and health officials. Depending on the health symptoms of the person the concerned ANM or medical officer will come home to check.

Once the symptoms are noted, medical tests are conducted they will determine if the COVID-19 tests are necessary to be conducted. After confirmation, the result will be sent to the mobile.

The app will also have details about the nurses and doctors available near your residence.

According to the information provided in the app, the health department will be on the alert regarding our health updates.

If tests are not required, medicines will be prescribed depending on the severity of the disease.

The service has gained popularity with over 50,000 people downloading the app and more than 717 people have showed the symptoms and 34 people were tested through this new initiative by the state government.

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