Is This The Reason That Caused Vizag Gas Leak?

7 May, 2020 13:35 IST|Sakshi
Reason Behind Visakhapatnam LG Polymers Gas Leak

VISAKHAPATNAM: Eight persons, including a six-year-old girl, died and several were admitted hospital after a poisonous gas was leaked at LG Polymers chemical plant at RR Venkatapuram, Gopalapatnam here at 4 am early Thursday.

As probe is underway, primary investigation reveals that negligence of LG Polymers plant is the main reason behind the styrene chemical leakage according to reports.

According to guidelines, the plant has to maintain the minimum required staff for running it. However, the minimum staff was not present in the plant, even after the state government has given maintenance passes for 45 staff.

LG Polymers has stored two thousand metric tonnes of styrene chemical in the plant. It needs to be kept at temperatures below 20 degree Celsius, in the area where the chemical has been stored. But, the mandatory instructions were not followed which resulted in a drastic increase in temperature in the plant and the styrene gas leaked from the plant and produced flames.

This led to the rapid spread of styrene gas to the surrounding areas of the factory.

However, the gas leak has been contained and the maximum impact was in about 1-1.5 km, however, the smell lingered in around the radius of 2-2.5 km.

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