PM Narendra Modi Greetings For Prabhala Theertham Festivities In AP Konaseema

16 Jan, 2020 13:49 IST|Sakshi
PM Narendra Modi Greetings For Prabhala Theertham

KAKINADA: The famous Prabhala Theertham festivities took off to a colourful start in Kothapeta in Kakinada district in Andhra Pradesh. The celebrations will continue for two days, which started on Sankranti day will continue for two days.

On Wednesday, the 11 ''Ekarudrulu'' ( 11forms of Lord Shiva) were assembled at one place. The 12 colourfully decorated Prabhas ( totems) were paraded in the streets of Kothapeta with much pomp and gaiety. Later, they were taken to the local high school grounds and kept there.Large-scale fireworks were lighted and the whole place was illuminated with the display of firecrackers. Thousands of people from other states and abroad flocked to witness this 17th Century-dated festival.

In his message to the Siva Kesava Youth organisation of Ambajipeta mandal in East Godavari district Narendra Modi conveyed his greetings on Kanuma day. In his message he spoke about the Jaggannatha Prabha held on the third day of Sankranti which is Kanuma day. He spoke of the Jaggannathota Prabhas which is a celebration of rich traditions and heritage dating back to the 17th Century. He spoke about the festivities as an auspicious occasion which reflects the socio -cultural traditions of Konaseela region.

Check out Prime Minister Narendra Modi's message on Prabhala Theertham here:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message on Prabhala Theertham

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