Chicken Price In Telugu States Hits The Roof

27 Dec, 2018 16:45 IST|Sakshi
The price of chicken in the two Telugu states has skyrocketed.

The price of chicken in the two Telugu states has skyrocketed. The price rise is being attributed to the end of Kartheekamasam, Cyclone Phethai and Christmas holidays. Two weeks ago, a kilo of Chicken was Rs 170 and now it is Rs 250. Generally, the price of Chicken is low in the winter season. But this is the highest price when compared to previous seasons. 5 lakh kilos Chicken is sold every day in the Telugu states.

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On Sunday, 70 lakh kgs of chicken are sold. According to the market trade, 1.5 crore kilos chicken was sold during the Christmas season. In the wholesale market, a kilo of Chicken is priced between Rs 135 to Rs 140 whereas retail market price is Rs 150. With dressing, the price is Rs 200 and skinless Chicken is available at Rs 240. It is estimated that the price may be increased in the coming days.

Due to growing demand, the prices have been raised and is expected to continue till the new year. The farm rate is Rs 110 per kg while the wholesalers sell it for Rs 135. Customers should purchase chicken as per the price given in the newspaper, said Telangana Breeders Association president, Dr Ranjith Reddy.

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