JD Lakshmi Narayana Quits Jana Sena Citing Pawan’s Inconsistency

31 Jan, 2020 13:13 IST|Sakshi
File Photo of Pawan Kalyan with JD Lakshmi Narayana

HYDERABAD: Former CBI JD Lakshmi Narayana (JD) resigned from the Jana Sena Party (JSP) on Thursday evening. In a letter addressed to the JSP Chief Pawan , he stated that Pawan Kalyan had mentioned many times in the past that he would not act in films again and would work for the public welfare. But now with this change in stance and joining films again shows that you have no consistency in your commitment, hence I have decided to resign from the party, he wrote in the letter.

He thanked all pary cadre and every voter who voted for him in the Visakhapatnam parliamentary elections and wished them well in life. He said that his services would be available to all of them in the future as well.

Pawan Kalyan responded to his resignation and through the JSP Facebook today and said that ,”We respect VV Lakshmi Narayana's feelings and accept his resignation." He further clarified that , "I don't have any cement factories, power projects, mines or dairy factories. I am not a well paid government employee either. All I know is cinema. There are many families dependant on me. So it is a must for me to act in films for the sake of my family, for the party. It would have been nice if Lakshmi Narayana mentioned this in his resignation. Personally, the respect towards Lakshmi Narayana will always be the same for me. Best wishes to him," Pawan Kalyan added.

Just days after the dismal performance of the JSP in the AP elections, there were reports of differences between Pawan Kalyan and JD. However, he denied these rumours.

It is said that JD was upset with party sidelining him and also in not consulting him on several key issues, including the recent Jana Sena Party alliance with the BJP and this would have been the main reason for him to quit the party.

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