TDP Hindupur MLA Balakrisha Gheraoed By Gilibipalli Villagers

25 Oct, 2019 13:02 IST|Sakshi
TDP Hindupur MLA Balakrisha With By Gilibipalli Villagers

Anantapur: Hindupur TDP MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna had a bitter experience on his first visit to the constituency after winning the elections. The car that he was travelling was blocked and he was gheraoed by Gilibipalli villagers in Lepakshi mandal on Friday.

As per reports,Rs 70 Lakhs were allocated for the Hindupuram - Chilamathuru Road to be laid three years ago. The people were promised that the road would be completed before the elections. However, even after the elections were over,there were no signs of road works.

The villagers on getting to know that Balakrishna was visiting the village, came in huge numbers and blcoked his car. Theydemanded as to why the road to their village was not laid despite three years lapsing after the foundation was laid.

The TDP aides who were accompanying Balakrishna said that because of the Model Code in place they couldn't start the work and now the government had changed , hence the roads couldn't be completed.

This angered the villagers further sating that they were suffering without the connective road and the rains made the roads even more treacherous.

Balakrishna intervened and said that he would speak to the officials and get the road laid, but that didn't satisfy the villagers, who sat on the road and blocked his car in protest.

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