Gorantla Madhav Highlights Plight Of Anantapur Farmers In Lok Sabha

5 Jul, 2019 10:17 IST|Sakshi
Gorantla Madhav

New Delhi: Hindupur MLA, Gorantla Madhav, brought into sharp focus the plight of farmers of Anantapur in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. He appealed to the Union government to extend the National Employment Guarantee Allowance to farmers in the drought-stricken district. The Hindupur MP pointed out that while nature wrought havoc on the one hand, the failure of the TDP government to protect the interests of the farmers, worsened their plight. The situation was such that the farmer, who fed others through his toil, was now migrating to other states in search of employment. Gorantla Madhav was speaking on the motion of thanks to the President's address.

The Hindupur MP spoke in English and highlighted drought conditions in Anantapur district and the pitiable plight of farmers. The YSRCP MP elaborated on the steps to be taken to alleviate the condition of farmers in Anantapur. He expressed his anguish at the condition of women in the drought-stricken areas. Gorantla Madhav said that while some women were forced into prostitution out of compulsion, in a country which respected women, others went to Gulf countries to eke out their living.

The YSRCP MP from Hindupur also observed that children who ought to be in school, were roaming on the streets as destitutes. The Right to Education Act must be strictly enforced, he added.

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