EC To Take Action Against JC Diwakar Reddy’s ‘Election Money’ Confession

3 May, 2019 12:52 IST|Sakshi
Anantapur  incumbent MP JC Diwakar Reddy

Anantapur: Anantapur District Collector Veerapandian Ganesan is said to be taking steps for initiating action against Anantapur MP JC Diwakar Reddy for his recent comments on the money that he had spent during elections in the district.

JC Diwakar Reddy made open statements to the media revealing that he had spent more than Rs 50 crore in his constituency. He also went on to say that he gave Rs 2,000 to each voter and that they had become greedy and were demanding Rs 5,000 per vote. These statements created ripples among the public and the video of him making these revelations went viral on social media.

The YRS Congress Party, CPI and other parties have filed a complaint with the Election Commission (EC) against him. As per the EC's directive, the Tadipatri Returning Officer conducted an enquiry and confirmed in the report that it was a gross violation of the Mode Code of Conduct. A detailed report was submitted to the District Collector and it is reported that legal action would be initiated against JC Diwakar Reddy.

Political circles are curious to see what kind of action would be initiated against the controversial leader. JC Diwaker Reddy is well-known for his loud rotor mouth comments and amusing statements which have kept him  in the eye of public domain. At the time of the elections he had announced retirement from politics to make way for his son JC Pawan Reddy's political debut.

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