TDP Leader Wagers 10 Crore On Nara Lokesh’s Defeat?

28 Apr, 2019 13:17 IST|Sakshi
File Photo of Nara Lokesh’s campaign

Mangalagiri: In what could be seen as a major embarrassment for the ruling Telugu Desam Party, a local TDP leader had wagered Rs 10 Crores on a bet that the TDP candidate Nara Lokesh would lose the elections.

Shocked by this wager, the party workers were wondering as to what prompted this leader to wage this kind of a bet. The leader in question was not into politics, but had invested crores of Rupees and worked hard in the election campaign for Nara Lokesh's victory.

The news is that local leaders are also getting reports from the polling booths confirming that Nara Lokesh would lose the elections. The TDP leader who was seen commenting that others should not invest money in these wagers trying to predict Lokesh's win and lose their money, as it was clear that he would lose the elections.

The leader is also seen giving free advice to people to get back their money and place it on the bet of Lokesh losing the elections. It is said that the leader had invested crores of rupees for the election campaigns in Mangalagiri for Nara Lokesh and had started predicting this even before the elections were over. The TDP party's members are also discussing that another TDP youth leader had also spent crores for the campaign and now both of them were planning to recover the amount back through betting against Lokesh.

Meanwhile TDP party leaders who have observed the way the polling was conducted at the field level in the Mandals, villages and wards have come to an understanding that results may not be in their favour. They are also a loss as to how to explain this to the High Command about the impending defeat of the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's son.

This has led to discussions in the political circles about how the TDP leaders themselves have started betting on Nara Lokesh's defeat when the incumbent Mangalagiri YSR Congress Party candidate Alla Ramakrishna Reddy's name was announced for the second time.

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