Rental Fraud By Paritala’s Relative Uncovered

25 Apr, 2019 14:53 IST|Sakshi
Minister for Child Welfare Paritala Sunitha

Ramagiri/Anantapur: Anantapur district officials discovered a case of rental fraud by a close relative of Women and Child Welfare Minister and TDP leader Paritala Sunitha in Ramagiri mandal here on Thursday.

The District Sports Authority Council built a shopping complex cum cultural centre at the cost of Rs 2 crore in Ramagiri mandal and was named as the Paritala Ravindra Greenfield Stadium The complex was inaugurated on August 1, 2015, by TDP Ministers Atchannaidu, Paritala Sunitha and local district officials.

The 11 rooms in front of the complex have been rented out to private traders at Rs 1,000 per room per month. Instead of district officials, Paritala Sunitha's close relative and a former ZPTC Member Ram Murthy Naidu collected the rental amount. As this went on for over three years, shopkeepers received notices from the District Collector on April 18 ordering them to clear the dues relating to their rent for the past 43 months. They were also informed that the rental amount was raised to Rs 2,000 from the next month.

Shocked by the notices from the district administration, the shopkeepers who have been paying rent regularly are worried about the next course of action and are trying to figure what has happened to their money, which would amount up to Rs 4 lakh. They are also at a loss to figure out who should be approached to remedy their case.

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