Nara Lokesh’s Ill Temper Irks TDP Sympathisers

8 Apr, 2019 15:58 IST|Sakshi
Nara Lokesh is facing a barrage of questions from voters and TDP sympathisers

Tadepalli/Guntur: The election campaigns are becoming a little too stressful for the Telugu Desam Party Mangalagiri candidate and the state IT Minister Nara Lokesh. He is facing a barrage of questions from voters and TDP sympathisers wherever he goes asking about what he intends to do for the state. This is putting him in a tight spot and most often leading to his temper also flying on the hapless people.

On Sunday when he started campaigning from Undavalli Center towards Polakampadu, Undavalli Dalithawada, he came across people who asked him whether they would evacuate them from their homes in the name of capital development. Not expecting these questions, he said they were not, but the women there persisted and asked him if this was true or not. In response to their questions, he said that housing sites were given there. But the women interrupted him and asked as to why he hadn't given them in Mangalagiri.

In the meanwhile, a roadside vendor intervened and asked him that even if the TDP won, what was the guarantee that they would not remove them from their homes. He promised that in the next five years, he wouldn't allow even a brick to be moved. But the people asked if they would be evacuated after five years of his term.

Unable to handle the volley of questions, an exasperated Lokesh shouted at them and asked them to try and listen to him and went on to ask as to why he should be listening to them . The irate villagers were miffed that he yelled at them. Sensing the situation that was turning against them, the TDP workers who were accompanying Lokesh's convoy pushed aside Nageshwara Rao and others from there. Looking at the way the TDP cadre behaved there was serious resentment among the people who left the place.

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