YSRCP Narsapuram Candidate Slams Naga Babu’s Immature Remarks 

27 Mar, 2019 13:53 IST|Sakshi
YSRCP Narsapuram Candidate Slams Naga Babu’s Immature Remarks

Narsapuram: YSR Congress Party Naraspuram parliamentary candidate Raghurama Krishnamraju lashed out on Jana Sena Party candidate and actor Pawan Kalyan's brother K Naga Babu on Wednesday.

In response to Naga Babu's statements during his campaign in the constituency, Krishnamraju cautioned him that he should wait for the people's verdict after the elections and it was clear that they were expecting YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's leadership , he said.

In retaliation to Naga Babu's statement that he would kick them if they were fat, Krishnamraju said that nobody here was scared nor would they keep quiet. He challenged Naga Babu to come and try hitting him.

He said that since he was an actor in movies they would show him a movie in the West Godavari districts.

People in the district know what kind of a person Naga Babu was and that he had come back only for a selfish motive to join politics.

He also claimed that Nagababu had no right to talk about ethics, as he had not even spoken about people's issues. Krishanamraju warned him to stick to talking about what Naga Babu intended to do for the public and not make such immature statements.

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