TDP Minister Narayana Gets A Jolt

27 Mar, 2019 14:40 IST|Sakshi
Andhra Pradesh Minister Narayana

Nellore: Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and Minister Narayana got a jolt with elections two weeks away. Narayana’s co-brother joined the YSR Congress Party(YSRCP).

Minister Narayana’s co-brother Rammohan left the TDP and joined YSRCP along with his followers. Later talking to the media Rammohan questioned Narayana saying that if the latter had done development worth Rs 5000 crore in the district then why he is distributing money to the people.

Meanwhile, Nellore Urban TDP candidate Narayana is facing severe criticism from the voters. Facing massive anti-incumbency the TDP leaders are resorting to illegal practices to win the upcoming elections.

It is learnt that minister Narayana is scared of losing the upcoming elections and has started distributing large sums of money to voters. Narayana is a close aide of Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and is believed to be his proxy.

He is Chandrababu’s close associate and over the past 20 years has been using Narayana institutions’ employees to conduct surveys and has been donating huge amounts as party fund.

Recently, YSRCP exposed Narayana college employees distributing money. It was reported that as the laws against money distribution are being implemented strictly he had used school bags to send money across to other leaders.

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